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SARA RUOTI is a singer from Prato. She has got many different musical experiences and has been working in the world of entertainment for over 20 years.


Since 2011 she has been working at the project “Cinema to listen”, a musical journey through the most beautiful soundtracks of film music across the Italian and international film Scene in cooperation with great pianists, violinists, guitarists, bassists etc. This project has been brought on stage in numerous theaters, clubs, conventions and private events. In March 2009 she debuted with the show “The Italian author music” at the Medici Villa La Petraia in Sesto Fiorentino with Luca Moriai playing the piano and Lorenzo Borneo on violin. In May 2008 she debuted at the Teatro delle comedie of the Medici Villa in Poggio a Caiano with the concert piano and voice “Homage to Burt Bacharach” and later in the citadel of Montemurlo, accompanied at the piano by Luca Moriai. She has taken her first steps with an unpublished song “A Love” of Goffredo Orlandi (author of the song that won the festival of Sanremo in 2004, “L’uomo volante” of Marco Masini, and songs for Laura Pausini, Francesco Guccini and others).


In 2016 on the Prato TV channel she has participated as a singer in the episode “Francesco and Giovanni Nuti a life in music”, a programm conceived by Paolo Rosati, with the participation of Giovanni Nuti, Nicola Pecci and Luca Moriani. Since 2014 “Cinema to listen” has also become a radio programm that is being conducted by SARA on the web radio White Radio.it (6th classified at the prestigious National Macchianera Award in 2016) which is on air on Tuesday from 09.00 to 10.00 pm. In 2007 she has participated with Vegastor of Pistoia, in the television programm ” Il paese dei campanili” led by Paola Saluzzi with the participation of Teddy Reno which is broadcasted on SAT2000.  From 2001 to 2002 she has participated as a solo singer at the sport broadcast “Tifo in Borsa” which has been transmitted on Toscana TV. On the occasion of the World Youth Day of 19th of August 2000 she has participated as chorister, in the presence of Pope John Paul II, with the Millenium Choir, which was the official choir of the Jubilee, at the Roman event of Tor Vergata transmitted worldwide on RAISAT.


Since 2016 she collaborates with the Italian-American singer Giovanna Gattuso, founder of the crossover singing method for the development of international singing workshops. Since January 2006 she has undertaken a collaboration with the Swedish composer/producer Martin Landquist (famous for he production of groups such as “A-Ah”, “Cardigans” and many other artists) for the interpretation of soundtracks for TV commercials that have been broadcasted in all Scandinavian countries. From 2000 to 2010 she has collaborated as a solo singer at the concerts of Maestro Beppe Cantarelli (a multifaceted artist and author among others of songs such as “I still Believe” for Mariah Carey and “Another Night” for Aretha Franklin, and four albums for Mina) in Italian cathedrals and theaters like the Duomo of Prato, Piacenza, etc. interpreting unpublished songs composed by the maestro who has accompanied Sara on guitar. In May 2007 she also debuted as reader/actress (of monologues/lyrics) during the concerts of the maestro in various places of worship such as the Basilica of San Marco in Florence, San Pietro al Po in Cremona and many others.  Since 1998 to nowadays she collaborates with the DJ and singer Ago Presta opening his evenings as singer, solo singer and chorister. They performed together in famous clubs such as the Capannina Franceschi in Forte dei Marmi, Space Eletronic in Florence, Palazzo Mantegazza in Lugano and on TV programms broadcasted on various TV channels throughout the national territory.   She has also collaborated with Max De Palma (singer of “Domenica In” in the edition 2000-2001 and “Fatti tuoi” of 2002) accompanying him in various Italian clubs such as the casino of Saint Vincent. In the first years she has participated to national competitions throughout Italy and won victories and places on the podium.


Throughout the summer season 2005, SARA has been singing daily during the “Meetings at Caffè della Versiliana” of Marina di Pietrasanta, that have been conducted among others by Romano Battaglia, Cesara Buonamici, Marco Ventura, Rosanna Lambertucci and Alda D’Eusanio, and interpreting the ending theme of the program broadcasted on TV every day by various TV channels all over the country. Sara has got an own repertoire ranging from unpublished songs written for her by Cantarelli, Landquist, Orlandi, to cover songs written by great Italian and international authors. She performs as solo singer for private and public Italian institutions (Comune di Prato, Comune di Montemurlo, Lions Clubs) and foreigners (Monash University, Pepperdyne University) in prestigious theaters such as Metastasio, Politeama, Teatro Nuovo Magnolfi, Officina Giovani di Prato, Poliziano di Montepulciano, Magnani di Fidenza, Manzoni di Pistoia, Castello Gargonza and in public places, private parties, weddings, concerts in squares, congresses, seminars, workshops and charity events such as those organized by various associations and Lions Clubs, ANT delegations, Telethon. For example, in November 2008 she performed with Manuela Aureli in the show for the annual “Spes Docet” charity at Villa Castelletti di Signa. On the occasion of the 10th birthday of the “Gigli” commercial complex in Campi Bisenzio (Florence), she sang in the variety conducted by Marco Liorni and with the participation of many other guests of the entertainment world.


In 2002 SARA graduated with a degree in Economics at the University of Florence. Her singing teacher has been for over a decade, teacher of Lella Gaby, who won a past edition of the Sanremo Festival and of other artists who won in the transmission Amici and who are known to the general public.

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